5 years CAGR sales growth 17.83% 5 years CAGR PAT growth 32.99%
WPIL Limited has to its credit a rich experience of more than 65 years in Designing, Developing, Manufacturing,Erecting, Commissioning and Servicing of Pumps & Pumping Systems. After consolidating its position as a leading pump and pumping systems company in India the company has expanded its operations globally and now has manufacturing operations in United Kingdom, Italy, France, Switzerland, South Africa, Zambia, Australia and Thailand through its Group companies. Company has 12 manufacturing units in different locations.
It has an equity base of just Rs.9.77 crore that is supported by reserves of around Rs.409.19 crore. The Promoters hold 69.38%, mutual funds hold 6.71%, FPIs hold 1.07% while the other investing public holds 22.84% stake in the company. Promoters have increased their st…
*AAKASHAYA PATRA SEVEN STAR SMART EDUCATION SERIES PART – 47 :* 31.05.2020 Financial Statements of a Company & their Notes Most Important Part of Company's Annual Report
This is probably the most important segment of the entire report. Most investors go through the numbers in these statements to understand how the company performed financially during the past year.
There are four statements that a company presents in the annual report: 1. Balance Sheet of the Company 2. Profit & Loss Account of the Company 3. Cash Flow Statement 4. Statement of Changes in Equity
Notes to Financial Statements :
In the financial statements you just find numbers but how the company has arrived at those numbers can be understood by reading the Notes to the Financial Statements section of the Annual Report.
Notes to the financial statements thus report the details and additional information that are left out of the main parts of financial statements like the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account and Ca…
*AAKASHAYA PATRA WEEKLY MARKET OVERVIEW:* 31.05.2020 Bullish Gap (9336-9334) on Thursday has resulted in the Nifty completing a Bullish Island Reversal pattern. This has resulted in the Nifty challenging the Bearish Gap (Resistance zone) of the Bearish Island between 9533-9731. Once this Gap is overcome, Nifty will challenge the previous intermittent Top at 9889 which is also the failure point for the Bearish Island. It will not be easy to overcome these strong hurdles and in any case if it does, Nifty will find it difficult to overcome the Bearish Gap between 10040-10334. On the downside, the Bullish Gap between 9336-9334 will act as strong Support.
Technically Speaking :-
Sensex opened the week at 30864, made a high of 32480, low of 30512 and closed the week at 32424. Thus it closed the week with a gain of 1752 points. At the same time the Nifty opened the week at 9099, made a high of 9598, low of 8996 and closed the week at 9580. Thus the Nifty closed the week with a gain of 541 points.
*AAKASHAYA PATRA WEEKLY MARKET OVERVIEW:* 24.05.2020 The Market was neither enthused by record Fiscal package announcement nor a surprise 40bps Repo Rate Cut by the RBI. Nifty continues to remain in a Trading Range between 8800 on the lower side and 9300 on the higher side. A break of the higher boundary will lead the Nifty to test the two Bearish Gaps as well as two Bearish Island Reversals. Only a close above 9584 will signal a move towards testing the previous intermittent high of 9889. Whereas a close below 8800, will lead the Nifty down to test the Support levels at 8700-8419.

Technically Speaking :-
Sensex opened the week at 31248, made a high of 31248, low of 29968 and closed the week at 30672. Thus it closed the week with a loss of 425 points. At the same time the Nifty opened the week at 9158, made a high of 9178, low of 8806 and closed the week at 9039. Thus the Nifty closed the week with a loss of 97 points.
On the daily charts, both the indices have formed a small Black Body S…
*AAKASHAYA PATRA SEVEN STAR SMART EDUCATION SERIES PART – 46 :* 24.05.2020 Auditors Report An Important Part of Company's Annual Report!
The auditor is deemed to be a third party, whose job is to study the accounting process of the company and offer an impartial opinion about the authenticity of the books maintained by the company and accounting procedures adopted by the company.Thus audit report is basically the opinion of an auditor regarding the company's financial statements. The report is normally written in a standard format. The typical audit report contains these important topics –
* The responsibilities of the auditor and the management of the entity. * The scope of the audit. * The auditor's opinion of the entity's financial statements. * Report on other legal and regulatory requirement.
Here only opinion of the auditor is important which can be-
1. A Clean Opinion - If auditor feels the financial statements are a fair representation of an entity's financial posit…

10 years CAGR sales growth 21.36% 10 years CAGR PAT growth 27.29%
Singer is the pioneer in the sewing machine industry in India under the renowned "SINGER" and "MERRITT" brands. Singer commenced operations in India more than a century ago. Today Singer also sells many categories of home appliances with over 10,000 sales points including showrooms, a wide wholesale distribution network and a very strong after sales service network Pan India. The company's sewing machines comprise zigzag, electronic,embroidery, straight stitch, and industrial machines. It also offers sewing machine accessories, such as scissors, sewing machine heads, oil, and sewing machine needles. In addition, the company manufactures and trades domestic electrothermic appliances, domestic non-electric cooking and heating equipment,and other domestic appliances, s…
*AAKASHAYA PATRA SEVEN STAR SMART EDUCATION SERIES PART – 45 :* 17.05.2020 Corporate Governance Information An Important Part of Company's Annual Report!
Corporate governance is the system of rules, practices and processes by which a company is directed and controlled and involves balancing the interests of many stakeholders of a company, such as customers, suppliers, shareholders, management, financiers, government and the community. It is mandatory to include the corporate governance report in the annual report of the company. The importance of good corporate governance has increased phenomenally ever since one of the biggest corporate frauds in India was unearthed at Satyam Computer Services in 2009.Since then, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) and Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) have undertaken various initiatives for the corporate governance.
When corporate governance guidelines are executed effectively, they can help to prevent corporate scandals, frauds and …